When a pretty young woman arrives at a country house in the English countryside to share Christmas with friends, she discovers the house has no electric power. But she feels uneasy. In the dark shadows of the old house, she senses someone or something is watching her. A haunting, erotically-charged tale with an astonishing twist.  


A very superstitious young woman reads a bad horoscope in the newspaper and spends the day trying to avoid bad luck. Just when she thinks she safe... well... fate takes a hand in this short film which explores superstitions.


When a beautiful young blind woman sits silently and alone by a stunningly beautiful and placid lake, she is joined by a complete stranger who listens to her sad tale. An inspiring, gentle, spiritually uplifting story by Mol Smith to touch your heart and make you believe miracles do happen.


Two sisters, one husband and a secret affair. What could possibly go wrong? Tessa McGinn stars in and directs this short and somewhat disturbing film. A story of love and deception with a nasty sting in its tale. Has an allergic reaction to bee venom ever been so dramatically misused? or mistimed? A truly British Independent film in truly traditional UK style with a touch of truly modern film noir.


When a housewife receives a visit from a policeman, she is shocked to be told of her husband's death. The policeman consoles her, but his intentions are sinister in this short film with an unexpected twist.



A medium comes to a couple's house in an English village, who are haunted by ghosts. She holds a seance to conjure up the dead to help the couple be rid of the ghosts but a shocking twist awaits in this eerie ghost story by Mol Smith.


Two young women, away for a weekend break, play with a spirit (Ouija) board. Unexpectedly, the spirit they conjour up insists on a physical presence. When the two women consent, they invite it a ghost with shocking surprises. A short mystery film with a twist.


A young woman, seeking to rebuild her life, takes on a new job in an undertakers but is haunted by her past. Confusion, emotional trauma, and a deadly compulsion cause her to commit an unthinkable act. A short film (30 mins) that will challenge your sense of right and wrong, and test the limits of your human empathy. A compelling, thought-provoking drama featuring music from the London based dark band.