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A father and daughter invent a teleportation device designed to ultimately replace all other forms of transport on Earth. During one of the tests, the daughter disappears and fails to arrive at the receiving device. The father desperately tries to recover her with devastating consequences. A shocking mind-boggling twist in the tale of a story with many layers to excite, horrify, and explore the power of human love.


The police believe a prominent Oxford businessman's death was an accident. His beautiful, seductive, and wealthy daughter, Rebecca, believes he was murdered. She hires a private detective to find out the truth. His investigation reveals a sinister under belly to one of England's most treasured cities involving dark sexual desire, torture, and sadism. A haunting cult drama.


Doctor Reynolds lives in an alcoholic mist since the death of his wife a year earlier. A once eminent research scientist, he now lives as a reclusive. One night, a small meteorite crashes down into his garden evoking his curiosity. On closer inspection, he discovers the seed of an alien life form and matures it to discover it has a special purpose.: to deliver us from the advance of Dark Matter!


A surprise-packed comedy horror as aliens abduct women to create a hybrid race of earth-greys. The greys have found a good match in Bozena to create a perfect hybrid. Her doctor, along with  a colleague, struggle to save her from the searching aliens. A pastiche of classic 'B' Sci-fi movies of the past. Lasers, saucers, aliens, comedy and horror dance together in exotic madness..


Sequel to Abduction (2017). The galactic empire is under increased threat from the alien greys. They dispatch Thorson to locate the aliens lost ship on earth. But the Hive Queen has returned with a goal of creating a hybrid race of alien/humans. Three ex-abductees hunt for the lost ship intent upon revenge. All parties clash in a horror-comedy in the style and mad-cap mayhem of Abduction (2017).


Rachel lives on her own in a small village. One strange night a gypsy caravan arrives in her garden. inside, is the enigmatic and mystical Leah who, seemingly, has come by accident and chance. But nothing is as it appears to be as she draws Rachel into a dangerous encounter with dark forces, deception, desire, and horror.