Where  are you based?

Oxfordshre, 10 miles south of Oxford City. England, UK.


Where can I watch your movies?

On main streaming platforms. We do not currently release our productions on DVD as we wish to avoid piracy of our films.


Find out where and how to watch our films here.


Are you looking for script writers?

No. Sorry. We write all our own scripts.


Do you hire male actors in lead roles?

Yes. Of course. But we consider too few films are made with females in lead roles, and we believe female lead characters make for more intriguing story telling.

Sexist? Maybe.

Are you really a company?

Yes, of course. A one man band kind of entity which has been functioning for over 20 years as of 2017 but with many contributors throughout the world helping to further non-corporate output.




Onview Films is the creation of Mol Smith & Onview.net Ltd.

(a company formed to provide support for art & science projects).

Film-making began in 2011 and as of 2019, we now have  a bunch of  feature films made, and many shorts.

Our films are based on quirky stories not aimed at a mainstream viewing audience but stylised to entertain people who prefer the expression of liberal story-telling afforded by small independent film makers. We always use females as lead characters.


What is your main consideration when selecting actors and crew?

Only 1. The most important trait of all.  Reliability. 

Total commitment. No 'ifs',  'buts', 

saying something and letting people down. 


Do you make lots of money making films?

Don't be silly? Very few films are created by people seeking to get rich. They are made by creatives with a compulsion to create enjoyable illusions for others to share.


How Can I get Involved?

You could try making your own film. If you like what we do, and wish to get involved, just email us.


Do you send your films to film festivals?

Sometimes. The majority of them are just businesses in themselves and do not really help a film gain distribution.

Are Low Budget Films Watched?

You mean, can they compete with big budget movies? No. They can't compete  with mass media content, but many people look for content outside of the norm.


I have a question?

Great. Ask it here.